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We maintain the highest level of integrity

About Us

“Secure your dreams with Hanyang Securities, the financial investment company making the dreams of customers shareholders come true.”
Since the foundation of Korea Exchange in 1956, Hanyang Securities has performed a pivotal role for the development of Korean capital market, prudently overcoming numerous crisis for the half a century. As a subsidiary of Hanyang University Foundation- the prestigious private school, Hanyang Securities has implemented transparent and fair management ideology of Hanyang Securities.

Although its size compact, Hanyang Securities is acknowledged and respected by the public for its uncompromising quality and customer care.
These are the 5 Promises we make to the shareholders and customers.

5 Promises from Hanyang Securities

find customers first

We will become a securities company that customers find first.

We will strive to be the company that customers aspire by increasing asset values and profits of customers. We will continue to invest in attaining competent professionals and quality innovation of customer service.

happy and rewarding

We will make shareholders’ investment an enjoyable and worthwhile experience.

We sincerely promise to make a genuine contribution to increase shareholder’s value by maintaining a high dividend payout ratio.

good corporate governance

We will become a securities company maintaining an excellent corporate governance.

We will not be complacent at wining the 2009 Corporate Governance Most Improved Firm Award. Furthermore, we will put in an utmost effort to become a financial company that is able to get trust of customers through transparent business management.

social responsibility

We will take the social responsibility of a company.

Through various activities from Hanyang Securities Volunteer Organization, we contribute to our society by reaching out to those in need.
We will continue to fulfill our duty as a philanthropic corporate citizen in many years to come.

100 years of corporate

We will aim at building up a 100 year history.

We will become a more solid company by our vision of attaining ROE Top 7 by 2013.
This will be executed by selecting the very best personnel, optimizing and developing the business structure, and utilizing resource efficiently.
Every employee of Hanyang Securities will strive to make the leading company that can meet the demands of customers and shareholders with professionalism and trust. We would like you to keep an eye on us putting our efforts to take full responsibilities as a maturing company.

Thank you.